Unique Woven Art - Cornish Sunset


The inspiration for my work comes from my love of the sea and spending time at my favourite beaches in Cornwall. 'Cornish Sunset' captures the last moments of a wonderful day spent on the Cornish beaches as the sun drops over the sea the colours in the sky turn to golden pinks. The reflection from the large gold sun is reflected on the surface of the sea and in the pools of water on the sand, shown off in this piece by the vibrant gold thread.

I thoroughly enjoy re-working these beautiful Cornish landscapes in an abstract way through mixed media, using designer fabrics I have in my studio and capturing moments that will last forever. Each piece is unique with intricate coloured threads worked into the woven fabrics.

One-off, framed with a lime washed box frame, approximately 48 x 33 cms.

Free First Class postage to Great Britain.