Overwhelmed by the thought of what’s in your space?

Have you given up with organising your space?

Do you have rooms or areas that you wouldn’t want friends and family to see?

Do you buy something you already have because you couldn’t find it?

We will listen to you and support you, emphasise without judgement. We recognise that each client is individual and the process will be tailored to you and how you would like to work. We will help to teach you how to maintain your new clutter free/organised space and empower you to change your mindset. Each of your possessions will be assigned a home and they will be accessible, resulting in more space to feel calm and relaxed in and and also lighter mentally.

How we do this

  • Decluttering is done in partnership together.
  • We will help you to reorganise your space and help you to let go of what you no longer need in a way that is right for you.
  • As a team we can talk through how you would like to use your space and what you outcomes would ideally be.
  • We can talk through your most important tasks, tackling them together and deciding what to pass on.
  • We will create a space that you and your family will look forward to spending time in and coming home to.
  • We aim to create an organised, calm and clutter free life, leaving you with more time to enjoy what you love doing.

Once your environment and headspace are less cluttered you will feel great and with a new zest for life. Following a free consultation, each session will be led by Claire, but driven by you wanting to make a change, at a pace comfortable to you.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Massive thank you for sharing your decluttering skills on on our home and re-thinking the way we use our space. We love it!
— Kerry, Cornwall

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